1 Day Nictar Pineapple & Bee Farm

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A theme farm, with objective to educate the public about nature, ecology and farming activities. A sugary sweet way to discover the lesser known highlights of Pontian. Nictar Bee Farm, tucked away in the middle of Malaysia’s oldest pineapple estate, showcases locally harvested pineapples and honey. At this farm, visitors are treated to a beekeeping demonstration, learning how the bees are handled to ensure they produce top grade honey. The bees here produce mono-floral honey with nectar from the pineapple trees, resulting in the honey tasting similar to the fruit. You are also taken on a tour of the plantation, which grows a crossbreed of pineapples from Johor and Sarawak, with the end product being succulently tasty. At the end of the tour visitors will have the opportunity to purchase honey and pineapple products for themselves or as gifts.


  1. Outdoor Farm Activities
    • Hands on harvesting & planting pineapple
    • Walk through the pineapple farm
    • Closer exposure to farmer’s activities

  2. Honey Bee Lesson
    • Introduction of honey bee & the Importance of honey bee on pollinating plants
    • Chance to touch the bee (harmless bee)
    • Honey tasting
Participants will also get a bottle of fresh pineapple juice each (It tastes very good) & freshly cut pineapple tasting.


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